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VPN Installation


VPN Installation (Virtual Private Network) offers you secure remote access to your business network from home or on the road. If you find yourself away from the office most of the time, then a VPN could be the perfect solution for you. PCS is happy to offer Atlanta VPN installation in the city or any of the surrounding area cities.


After your VPN installation, you’ll be able to secure access to your business’ network from anywhere you can access the Internet. VPNs use special security protocols that allow a secure data tunnel to be created between the two locations, so you can literally work from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Once the tunnel is established, you can access all the resources at the other end and have:


  • Remote access to your business servers.
  • See and edit shared folders and documents.
  • Send jobs to business printers.


You can even use remote control programs such as VNC to take control of your office PC from your home or your hotel room – all you need is an Internet connection. So if you’ve considered VPN installation to make your business more mobile, call PCS today.

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