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Ľ Profits Ė Business Management
Ľ Developer Tools/Controls
Ľ Services/Consulting
- Custom Software Design
- Software Support
- Software / Hardware installation
- Trouble Shooting
- Networking Windows, Novell and Linux
- Internet Access (DSL, T1)
- VPN Installation
- Websites/Graphic Design
- Security
- Backups/Disaster Recovery


Trouble Shooting


Atlanta metro trouble shooting for business computers is what we do best. Sometimes you know what your computer issues might be. At other times, youíre at a total loss. Thatís why PCS is the one place to call, no matter what type of computer problems you might encounter.


Our local computer experts in computer repair can evaluate your symptoms and offer remedies to fix your systems. Time is money, so itís important that the Atlanta computer repair shop you call is timely and competent. Practical Computer Solutions provides support and trouble shooting for:


  • Windows
  • PCs
  • Windows and NetWare Servers
  • Printers
  • Third party software
  • Email and other web based programs


You have three support options via PCS:


  1. phone,
  2. remote control
  3. or on-site support.


Many times we can provide service on the day of your call, so your business loses the least amount of productive time. Computer problems always seem to happen at the worst times and need to be addressed quickly. Thatís why the trouble shooting services offered by PCS are tailored to fit your business.


Call us today at PCS and to find out how our trouble shooting services can help your business.

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