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Welcome to Practical Computer Solutions

Practical Computer Solutions Inc. , founded in 1983, began with a simple goal - provide high quality computer solutions to the manufacturing and distribution industries. Over that time our expertise included not only network and computer installation, but also product development and small business solutions.

Created specifically for the Needle Trades industry, we designed, Ticket-Pak,  a program to replace many manual tasks like tracking Work-In-Process Inventory and Computing Piecework Payrolls.


Shortly thereafter, in 1986 and before the popularity of Window's based operating systems, Practical Computer Solutions helped pioneer the user-friendly world of computing. We added a full line of accounting modules. The creation of our software, PROFITS, allowed our clients a complete solution that automated standard business functions, such as Order Processing, Inventory Control, and Financial Accounting.


Since our inception PCS has continued to provide flexible, cost effective products and computer services to hundreds upon hundreds of users throughout the United States and the rest of the world. By specializing in addressing small to mid-size business needs, Practical Computer Solutions offers you the highest level of installation aids, assistance, and on-going support available. In addition, every PCS product, which is designed for the first-time user, includes on-line help, tutorials and initial telephone support so you know the in's and out's of the program.


Simply put, at PCS we truly offer you the best in Practical Computer Solutions so contact us today.

We're Listed On The Marietta Business List

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