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Internet Access (DSL, T1)

Internet access is vital to any business’ success today. It can be your best marketing tool and a speedy way to connect with customers and client. Unfortunately it can also expose your data to hackers if it’s not configured correctly.


PCS can help you requisition, install and configure your access – whether Internet or Intranet. With our help you can even find low cost ISPs and reliable Internet service to handle all your needs. Plus, we can help you with some of the most asked questions:


  • Do I need a modem or a broadband wireless router?
  • Should I consider VOIP?
  • Do I need static IP addresses or can I use a dynamic address?
  • How much bandwidth do I need to provide all my users with Internet Access?
  • Should I use a hardware or software Firewall?
  • What exactly is broadband and the differences in highspeed connections?
  • Should I allow in-office Wi-Fi access?
  • Is one data line best for all of my networked users?


There isn’t one Internet service that fits all businesses in today’s world. PCS can help you sort through all the questions to find affordable and secure solutions. So call today and learn all the options in Internet access that can help your business.

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