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Computer Security


Information technology security goes beyond fighting viruses. Your computers hold vital information not only on your clients, but also your employees. You simply canít afford to have that private data compromised. Thatís why having an information security plan in place is importantÖbefore a problem ever occurs.


In a world where simply opening a web page can compromise your network, itís imperative you have computer system security that works 24/7. PCS can provide computer security in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, to help limit your risks including, but not limited to:


  • Installing computer security products like Virus Software.
  • Establishing Firewalls to protect intrusions.
  • Updating Windows or other OSs with security patches.
  • Installing hardware/software devices that prevent employee web abuse.


Prevention is a wonderful tool. Thatís why we offer devices that scan all traffic into your network before the workstation receives that data. This way most viruses can be caught before they even enter your network. These devices also allow content filtering which allows us to block web sites based on their content, like sites containing pornography, sports, shopping, etc.


Donít wait for an incident to start looking into information security consulting. Contact PCS today to discuss your security questions before they become security problems.

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