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Developer Tools/Controls
- ISAM File Access (ODBC/OLE)
- PCL2WinPtr

Developer Tools/Controls

Fujitsu ISAM File Access (ODBC/OLE)

This DLL control allows access to Fujitsu netCOBOL ISAM data files. It can be used with ODBC compliant programs to directly access your ISAM data files. Some programs which might use this utility would be Crystal Reports and Excel.

You will need access to the FD that defines the structure of the data file.  Then use the COBOL file utility to generate a .LAY file.  Each file is then added to a text file that will link a user friendly name for the file to the actual data filename and the .LAY file that tells the control what the structure of the file looks like.

Once this is done you can go to Excel and import the data directly into a speadsheet.  It's that simple.

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