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Backups/Disaster Recovery

Finding an information system disaster recovery service provider is important. Fire, flood or other natural disasters can destroy your company in a matter of minutes. The proper components of a disaster recovery plan are important. Otherwise the hard work building your business could all be lost.

Today you need more than just copying your data to another hard disk or backing up to a tape or removable media. Any backups should function properly and be stored off-site. You need a media rotation plan that will allow you to store the following:

  • 5 days of daily backups
  • 4 weeks of weekly backups and
  • 12 months of month end backups.

To effectively accomplish business computer back up, you often need more than one type of media. For example, monthly backups are best stored on CD or DVD's while weekly backups should be on removable disk cartridges. Daily backups, on the other hand, should be stored both locally on a workstation hard disk and uploaded to a remote storage site using strategy disaster recovery software.

An incident isn’t the time to consider disaster recovery. Prior disaster recovery planning is a must for any business that cares about its present state and prospective future.

Contact PCS to evaluate your needs and design a custom disaster recovery plan for your business.

 SyncBackPro will allow you to sync your server with another location creating that off-site backup you need each night.  It can be configured to email you the results so you know that the sync took place and if there were any problems with it.  PCS will host your sync'd data on our FTP server for a small monthly fee.

 Buy SyncBackPro V5.11.3.0

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