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Profits – Business Management Software
Modules : Accounts Payable

Unlike other accounts payable software that offers only standard features, Profits does more. You can measure the impact of your company's cost distribution and cash flow requirements effectively and with great ease. Control your income and your expenses with our simple-to-use flexible payment processing feature. In fact, you can even print detailed disbursements reports so you know exactly where your money is going at any given time.


Many ‘off-the-shelf’ accounts payable software programs are difficult to use. They’re not fit to your business and the only instructions you ever receive come in the form of a small booklet. Profits, however, can be custom built to fit you and we even provide initial hands-on training or phone support. So if you want an accounts payable software that grows with your business, contact us today and ask about Profits.


Accounts Payable provides the following:


Cash or Accrual Account

Automatic Updates GL

Prepaid Invoices

Partial Payments

Automatic Updates from Purchasing

Cash Requirements Reporting

Extensive History

1099 Printing

Bank Reconciliation

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