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QuickStart Guides

The Basics (Getting Started)

Basic Order Entry

Handling NSF Checks

NetCOBOL Remote Debugger

QuickView Utility

Calendar Year End Procedures

Profits Provider

Profits Provider Layout Creation

Fix Year End Totals


Profits Checklists

Payroll Year End

Federal Tax Changes

A/R Year End

GL Year End


Profits Standard Documentation

Profits Apparel Documentation


PCS Tech Tips

How to Share a Folder (Windows Server 2008)

HP Proliant ML310 G5 Embedded SATA RAID Contoller (Windows Server 2008)

Windows 2008 Server Installation

Adding Users and Groups to Active Directory (Windows Server 2008)

Adding a Workstation to a Domain (Windows Server 2008)


2009 Federal Tax Changes
















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